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Intuition InnerWorkings redefines the way software developers learn and are supported in the workplace.

We have created a revolutionary approach to learning by shifting the emphasis away from traditional instruction and towards structured practice, learning by doing, and real-time code judging.

We provide an unrivaled learning experience for users with over 1,000 hours of hands-on coding exercises, a deep library of programming titles from Safari, and support from expert mentors.

Covering all levels of experience, from new hires to software architects, learning to code at this level requires much more than merely watching a library of instructor-led videos.

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InnerWorkings began with a vision of transforming the way developers learn. Most developer training focuses on purely instructional methods, with limited interactivity. But developers are not motivated to gain new skills in "passive" mode.

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Our mission is to help developers learn to build great software. We do this by providing developers with a live, hands-on training environment. Developers learn new skills by solving real coding problems in Visual Studio.

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InnerWorkings has been transforming the way developers learn since being founded in 2003. As of 2014, InnerWorkings .NET Developer is part of global knowledge solutions provider Intuition. Our platform is used by over 250,000 developers and many Fortune 500 companies worldwide. We’d love to hear about your learning needs – please contact us to start the discussion.